We have been sustainable since day one.

Inspira Liberdade is the first sustainable boutique hotel in Lisbon and others will follow. An innovative, pioneering concept created in 2010 and that centers sustainability among all activities, achieving a balance between the social, environmental and economic spheres.

How we do it

We infuse sustainability in all our actions. From the construction of our facilities to our efficient and sustainable practices, energy, water and waste management, everything contributes to the balance we seek.

Guests and community

We are consistently committed in preserving the planet and its inhabitants. We do it by caring for our guests, our staff and our community.

Our care is recognized.

We are focused on “Doing the right thing” in the various domains of activity.

Our commitments are very clear.

We have taken on a number of commitments and established partnerships to contribute to a better world.

Featured projects

Inspira One Fund

Our social commitment starts internally. The Inspira One project was developed with the purpose of supporting a social need identified within the Inspira team. With the purchase of the Inspira One bracelet, produced by our employees, you are supporting this social cause.

Lisbon's Botanical Garden

We carry out cleaning and conservation actions in the Botanical Gardens of Lisbon with the aim of preserving the cultural, natural and historical heritage, as well as raising awareness and valuing biodiversity among Inspira employees and customers. Join us in the next action.


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