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Our commitment to sustainability is a clear reflection of our brand’s purpose: to immerse our guests in a sensory experience that spans every dimension of their stay.
This ability to unite all stakeholders in a common goal generates a positive impact on the planet, people, and the economy.

We aim to inspire and sensitize, advocating for the protection of the common good—our planet.
Inspira Water
The water supplied in the hotel is bottled using recycled and reusable glass bottles, preventing the use of thousands of plastic bottles each year. By choosing our water, you’re helping rural communities in developing countries gain access to clean water, sanitation, and education programs. This initiative also generates employment and stimulates local economies.
What happens to room water leftovers?

We offset
your stay

Every year, we counterbalance our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by financing biodiversity conservation projects. This environmental contribution is included in your daily rate at €0.20/night, reflecting a portion of your carbon footprint linked to your trip and stay with us.

Our aim is to reduce our carbon footprint while fostering awareness of a more conscious and responsible consumption of natural resources.

taking care of the future
since 2010
there is only one Earth
Every day, we’re dedicated to preventing waste generation and raising awareness about waste reduction. We actively promote and advocate for the selective separation of waste, aiming to reduce food waste in our breakfast and lunch buffets.
Waste Management
We have implemented waste separation practices across all departments and areas, and we kindly encourage our guests to participate in the same effort

We’ve proactively tackled kitchen food waste by:

  • Managing orders, receptions, storage, production, and distribution of food products with precision.
  • Implementing portion control and advocating single portions at buffets.
  • Maximizing food usage, repurposing all parts of vegetables for sauces and broths.
  • Ensuring weekly product checks and monthly inventories to maintain expiry dates and efficient inventory management.
We responsibly repurpose leftover room water by utilizing it for cleaning purposes, supported by a deposit built in our stewarding area.
Our local parish
Our approach is forward-thinking when it comes to engaging with the local community. We deeply respect its sociocultural authenticity and proactively contribute to its growth by supporting initiatives and forming partnerships.
Together with the local community, we champion sustainable tourism that generates employment, celebrates local culture, and highlights community products.
a selection of the sponsored projects
Through AHP’s HOSPES programme, we donate furniture, kitchen equipment, electronics, bedding, and more, to support social action institutions in need.
This Social Grocery Project, initiated by the Santo António Parish, uplifts communities through sustainable social initiatives. Exclusively for parish citizens with socio-economic challenges, identified by social action, it provides options like food, clothing, toiletries, and childcare essentials. Inspira, upon learning about this project, promptly joined by contributing goods to bolster the local community.

Make a
with us

We opened our first sustainable hotel, Inspira Liberdade, in 2010. It was the pioneer in Lisbon. All our hotels are sustainable. The upcoming additions, opening next year, continue our commitment to sustainability.
Yes, we actively prevent food waste in the kitchen through various measures:
– We rigorously manage orders, receptions, storage, production, and distribution of food products.
– We control portions served and encourage buffet practices like single portions.
– We maximize food usage, utilising all parts of vegetables for sauces and broths.
– We conduct weekly product inspections and monthly inventories to monitor expiration dates and manage inventory effectively.

Inspira Water is our sustainable initiative to provide guests with bottled water in recycled and reusable glass bottles, minimizing plastic waste and supporting clean water initiatives in developing countries. Learn More.

Yes, we operate entirely on renewable energy sources. We procure green energy from our supplier and utilize solar panels on our hotel roof.
Yes, our hotel hold certifications from Green Globe and Travelife. Additionally, we’re ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Beyond these, we’ve partnered with the local council to set ambitious eco goals and are proud signatories of Act 4 Nature.
Yes, we do. Our menus feature a variety of options for vegans and vegetarians. We’re actively expanding our plant-based choices using seasonal ingredients. Additionally, our restaurant holds a gluten-free certification.


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