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Join us in participating in the volunteer activities we organize, make a donation to one of the social institutions we support, purchase a local product, enjoy a healthy meal in our restaurant, and plan your meeting with a positive impact.

We’re committed to preserving Lisbon’s Botanical Gardens’ cultural, natural, and historical value. Our aim is to raise biodiversity awareness and appreciation within Inspira’s community. Join us on our next action.

The Inspira One project supports a social or environmental cause defined by Inspira at the beginning of each year, aligning with the 17 sustainable development goals defined in the United Nations 2030 Agenda. By purchasing the Inspira One bracelet, you are directly supporting this cause.
Make a difference during your stay by purchasing a thoughtful gift at our front desk. Your support goes directly to our local charities, creating positive impacts that truly matter.
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We conduct cleanliness and conservation initiatives at the Botanical Gardens of Lisbon with the objective of preserving its cultural, natural, and historical heritage. Additionally, we aim to raise awareness and promote the valorization of biodiversity among all Inspira’s stakeholders.
Restoring protected areas
We support several national biodiversity conservation projects that contribute to climate change mitigation and offer multiple environmental benefits.

Machada National Forest
“Xi-Coração” is one of the many items you can buy at the front desk to help us support the daily work of these charities.
Supporting charities with social impact
FROC’s main goal is supporting and safeguarding children with cancer and their families. It focuses on informing parents and children about childhood cancer-related matters and championing research for medical advancement.
 Inspira strongly backs the XI-heart mascot sales, directing all proceeds to the institution.

APPDA Lisboa, a non-profit IPSS, aids those with autism spectrum disorders, advocating for rights and quality of life. Through our partnership, Inspira showcases and sells user-crafted ceramics and recycled art at the hotel reception, with all proceeds benefiting the institution.

APPDH, a Private Institution of Social Solidarity, aids patients with Hemoglobinopathies (Thalassemia, Sickle Cell Anemia), addressing medical, social, and family challenges. 
Through this collaboration, you can purchase ‘The Girl with the Yellow Eyes’ book and other items at our hotel reception. All proceeds go directly to supporting the institution.
SEMEAR collaborates with individuals with disabilities and their families, forging connections among them, governmental bodies, and businesses, thus fostering their integration into the workforce. They are involved in a diverse range of activities, encompassing farming, gourmet food, and ceramics. We proudly incorporate Semear’s organic vegetables into our vegetarian dishes and feature their exquisite handcrafted ceramics in our restaurant.
“Xi-Coração” is one of the many items you can buy at the front desk to help us support the daily work of these charities.
Zero Waste
In partnership with Zero Waste, we prevent surplus food from going to waste, connecting it with those in need. Acting as the intermediary, Zero Waste ensures the distribution of excess food to its beneficiaries.

Craft your
breakfast with care

Take only what you’ll relish.
Together, we can curb food waste and embrace mindful consumption.
Leftovers from your table cannot be donated and go to waste.

Explore our sustainable world
We opened our first sustainable hotel, Inspira Liberdade, in 2010. It was the pioneer in Lisbon. All our hotels are sustainable. The upcoming additions, opening next year, continue our commitment to sustainability.
Yes, we actively prevent food waste in the kitchen through various measures:
– We rigorously manage orders, receptions, storage, production, and distribution of food products.
– We control portions served and encourage buffet practices like single portions.
– We maximize food usage, utilising all parts of vegetables for sauces and broths.
– We conduct weekly product inspections and monthly inventories to monitor expiration dates and manage inventory effectively.
Inspira Water is our sustainable initiative to provide guests with bottled water in recycled and reusable glass bottles, minimizing plastic waste and supporting clean water initiatives in developing countries.
Yes, we operate entirely on renewable energy sources. We procure green energy from our supplier and utilize solar panels on our hotel roof.
Yes, our hotel hold certifications from Green Globe and Travelife. Additionally, we’re ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Beyond these, we’ve partnered with the local council to set ambitious eco goals and are proud signatories of Act 4 Nature.
Yes, we do. Our menus feature a variety of options for vegans and vegetarians. We’re actively expanding our plant-based choices using seasonal ingredients. Additionally, our restaurant holds a gluten-free certification.


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