48 hours
in Lisbon


So much to see and discover. And 48 hours in Lisbon go by in a flash. We will guide you through some of our favourite places in Lisbon: green spaces, viewpoints, that special snack or the world-famous pastel de Belém. Certain that it is impossible to compress all of our Lisbon into just two days, we made a selection of our favourites, those that we would recommend to a friend if he visited the city for the first time.

Day 1
Starting point: Inspira Liberdade
Lisbon's Botanical Garden

Nothing is more refreshing than waking up, enjoying a good breakfast, and setting out to discover the city's nature.

Let's start with one of the best-known gardens in the city.

The Lisbon Botanical Garden, designed in the mid-nineteenth century, is since 2010 considered a national monument. It is a delightful place to find peace in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city. The landscape changes according to the season, whether summer or winter, your visit will always be different.

Did you know that the Garden has more than 1500 species from all over the world? And about 4 hectares of green area?
And all this right in the center of Lisbon.

It is open every day, which is why it is the ideal place to start your day in the best way, enjoying the fresh morning breeze and relaxing to the sounds of nature.

15 minutes walk from Inspira Liberdade

Carmo Museum

The Carmo Archaeological Museum, located in the ruins of Carmo itself, includes pieces of historical, archaeological and artistic value, such as artefacts and works dating from prehistory to contemporary times.

Did you know that the Carmo Convent was built in 1389?

The Portuguese expression "it seems that Carmo and Trindade fell" - which means if you are making such a fuss is because something big must happened - emerged after the 1755 earthquake when both this church and Trindade were reduced to rubble.

In the Carmo museum there is a library with rare books, two mummies and Gothic tombs, including that of King Fernando I.

It is open every day, except Sundays, and is the ideal place for lovers of a historic walk.

Who knows if there is a candlelight concert during your stay? Or an immersive show?

Ending day 1:
Let's watch the sunset at Castelo

Located on the highest hill in the city, Castelo de São Jorge is the perfect place to end your day.

With a privileged and unique view over the city and the Tagus River, it is one of the best places to see the sunset (so it is always recommended that you arrive a little ahead of time).

Did you know that São Jorge Castle is one of the oldest monuments in the city, with the first walls dating back to the 1st century BC?

Praça do Comércio

Praça do Comércio is one of the largest in Europe, and one of the favorite places for visitors to the city. Still known as Terreiro do Paço by the locals.

It was used as the residence of King D. Manuel I since 1511, and was later destroyed by the 1755 earthquake.

Did you know that the Rua Augusta Arch is one of the main symbols of Lisbon's post-earthquake reconstruction? And that all your sculptures represent Portuguese historical figures?

Climbing to the top of the arch is recommended. A 360º view, allowing you to see the entire downtown area and a breathtaking view of the Tagus River.

If you visit during the festive season, this is where you will find the Christmas tree and it is also one of the meeting points to watch the fireworks.

Day 2
Let’s go to Belém


Belém is a mix of old and new. Becoming one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in Lisbon by tourists and locals alike, whether for the Belém pastries, the countless riverside spaces, or the bike/jogging circuits.

We start with the most recent museum space in the area: the MAAT.

Ideal for Art, Architecture and Technology lovers who wish to emerge in a unique experience, with works by national and international artists.

Did you know that MAAT opened in October 2016? And that it is one of the most modern museums in Lisbon?

From the top of the museum's canopy, you have a wide view over the Tagus River and the other side. It's one of the must-go spots for that instagrammable selfie.

It is open every day except Tuesdays.

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos

The Jerónimos Monastery is a classic spot that cannot be missing from your list, as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Did you know that the Monastery was built at the end of the 15th century by King Manuel I, and that in 2016 it reached 1 million visitors?

Did you know that it took almost 1 century to build? And that it once served as an orphanage?

It is open for visits every day, except on Mondays.

Pasteis de Belém (Custard tarts)

Belém is synonymous with queues - the queue for the Jerónimos Monastery and the queue for the pastéis de Belém - it's best to go calmly and without rushing.

Who has never heard of Pastéis de Belém? Nobody - we believe.

It is a Lisbon icon, and not by chance. Delicious and crunchy, with the right amount of custard and sprinkled with cinnamon. Hmm.... It's really impossible to resist.

Did you know that Pastéis de Belém appeared in the early 19th century?
And that the “secret recipe” of Pastéis de Belém emerged from the Jerónimos Monastery, as a result of the Liberal revolution, preserving the same secret ingredients until today?

Taste one on site and bring a box with you.

Ending day 2:
By the river

In Belém, you'll hop between the landside and the riverside. The Belém Tower was built in the early 16th century and is an important symbol of the city of Lisbon, associated with the Portuguese Discoveries.

It is the ideal spot to rest, listen to street performers and watch the sunset by the riverside. (another good spot, like the top of the MAAT we mentioned before).

The promenade that runs alongside the river is also perfect for strolling aimlessly and enjoying the calm and serenity of the river.

Did you know that the Belém Tower is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

It is open for visits from Tuesday to Sunday.

Here are our suggestions for these 48 hours in Lisbon. If you've already visited the city and know all these spots, and you're looking for something different, just ask us, and we'll make a guide just for you.

Return to Inspira Liberdade

A busy weekend deserves some rest. Treat yourself, take some time out and enjoy a massage at the hotel. Regain your energy, and head out for one last delicious dinner before your getaway ends.


Experiencing Lisbon is immersing yourself in this light, in the neighbourhood routines, it is dancing, partying, going up and down the hills, stopping to contemplate the river or getting lost in a garden. It’s eating a pastel de nata, drinking a ginjinha, going up to Rua Augusta’s arch or looking for the best terrace to watch the sunset.
Living Lisbon is taking a little bit of the city with you on every visit.

Elegant. Classic. Charming.
Original. Passionate. Vibrant.
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