The city inspires us

We are a collection of boutique hotels inspired by sustainability and neighbourhood life and culture, through curating immersive experiences that create memories.

Hi, Lisbon

Discover the essence of our charming, bohemian, historical and sunny city.

2 days
in Lisbon

So much to see and discover. A new discovery awaits on each hill, with its viewpoints over the river and its typical neighbourhoods. Go on a tram ride, listen to fado, have a taste of ginjinha and a pastel de nata in Belém in the evening.
Get ready for a unique 48h in Lisbon.

Buy consciously

Near the largest international brand shops have flourished more sustainable and balanced alternatives and lifestyles, which we are happy to introduce to you. The concern for the planet starts in Inspira Boutique Hotels, but there are other role models.

A different Lisbon in each neighbourhood, a different hotel in each Inspira.

Lisbon neighbourhoods inspire our senses in many ways. In Avenida da Liberdade, we welcome the cosmopolitan. In Santos, the eccentric, lover of the arts. Inspira Boutique Hotels invite you to stay, as city curators, and encourage you to explore it. Join us in discovering the essence of each neighbourhood and of the Lisbon lifestyle.

Elegant. Classic. Charming.

Near the city center, but away from the hurly-burly of Lisbon nightlife and the turmoil of the city. A place to recover your energies, regain your equilibrium and the starting point for a lot of discoveries.

Opening soon. Original. Passionate. Vibrant.

By the river, you can feel the vibrant pulse of an ever-changing city. At Santos, the design district mingles with the exciting nightlife offering a feeling that is always something happening, at any moment, a new experience might change you.

Opening 2024. Sophisticated. Brilliant. Sublime.

Breathe in the exquisite essence of Lisbon.

There is only one place more inspiring than our city: our planet.

Inspired by the adage “Doing the right thing”, we endeavour to keep our impact on the planet to a minimum and nurture sustainable behaviours in everything we do. From simple day-to-day operations to the most complex procedures, sustainability is in our DNA.

Explore our sustainable world

Inspira Water and Pump Aid

Did you know: with the revenues from the bottled water in our hotel, we have already helped to install 7 water pumps in Africa?

Eco-Green Hotel

In Inspira Boutique Hotels, we raised the standard by investing in green energy, solar panels, water-saving devices, eco-friendly detergents, organic products, among other big little details.

Supporting our local community

Reduce. Reuse. Donate. Help the local community through food, furniture and clothing donations. The lives of the Lisbon citizens in our parish become more sustainable. We are proud to do what is right.


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