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Shopping with a conscience is having a sustainable lifestyle. Sustainability has become a general and relevant concern for all of us, consumers and businesses alike. A small change in your daily life, and in your choices as a consumer, is the first step.

If you still don’t know where to start, we leave you a route of sustainable stores in Lisbon, where you can discover and support new and small businesses, consume sustainably, and be socially active.

This route has Inspira Liberdade as its epicenter.

A Outra Face da Lua

A Outra Face da Lua is a vintage clothing and accessories store that seeks, more than showing a new fashion trend, to present a solution for ethical and sustainable consumption, essential for us to walk towards a more sustainable and responsible future.

Address: R. da Assunção 22, 1100-044 Lisboa

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ORGANII was the first company in Portugal specialized in organic cosmetics. They are a company that seeks sustainable ways and solutions, seeking to offer the customer an experienced and personalized service regarding skin care. In addition to serving the customer with organic cosmetic products, ORGANII also seeks to avoid and reduce waste, through the support and development of zero-waste brands.

Address: R. Anchieta 9, 1200-445 Lisboa

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A Couve Lisboa

Couve Lisboa is a brand of vegan and sustainable shoes and accessories, from caps, bags, purses, scarves, hats and socks.

Address: R. Maria 47A, 1170-210 Lisboa

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The Feeting Room

The Feeting Room is a concept brand, which brings together several Portuguese and independent brands, in a unique space that promotes an informal and memorable environment.

Address: Calçada do Sacramento 26, 1200-203 Lisboa

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ISTO. is a Portuguese brand, which stands out for its values ​​of independent thinking, the superb quality of its products, price transparency, and the use of organic materials.

Address: R. Nova da Trindade 22E, 1200-235 Lisboa

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Stró is a Portuguese brand of sustainable textile design and production, which values ​​the creation of simple, organic and timeless pieces of fashion and home products, using only certified natural materials, with handmade products.

Address: Rua da Escola Politécnica 80A e 80B, 1250-102 Lisboa

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NAE Vegan Shoes

NAE Vegan Shoes, whose name means "No Animal Exploitation", is a Portuguese brand of vegan footwear, which proposes an animal-friendly and ecological alternative against human exploitation. To make this possible, all of its products are produced in Portugal in certified and ethical factories.

Address: Largo Trindade Coelho 17, 1200-339 Lisboa

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BYOU is a Portuguese clothing brand created by Patrícia Gouveia, with an informal yet sophisticated look, which stands out for its inspirational voice and its desire to be sustainable, preserve the planet, and the desire to strengthen each one's individuality.

Address: R. Gonçalves Crespo 52, 1150-186 Lisboa

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Simpli Coffee

Simpli Coffee is an establishment that sells coffees of sustainable and organic origin, Arabica speciality, and is selected through certified producers and practising fair trade.

Address: R. Rosa Araújo 17, 1250-194 Lisboa

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Experiencing Lisbon is immersing yourself in this light, in the neighbourhood routines, it is dancing, partying, going up and down the hills, stopping to contemplate the river or getting lost in a garden. It’s eating a pastel de nata, drinking a ginjinha, going up to Rua Augusta’s arch or looking for the best terrace to watch the sunset.
Living Lisbon is taking a little bit of the city with you on every visit.

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